Ghost Net in the NPA goes International

Ghost Net Australia in Conjunction with HACC and the NPAFACS healing centre is broadening its horizon on ATSI art. The week of the 17th of June saw a new kind of community collaboration of art. As part of an international festival of Indigenous art around the world an NPA ghost net piece is going to Paris France to be exhibited. This is an important moment for ATSI people because it not only gives local ghost netting an international platform but demonstrates that preservation of local knowledge is an important thing and that it is finally getting its due recognition. Over the week of the 17 nearly 20 ATSI people gathered to form the creation of the gecko which is to be exhibited. “It is beautiful to see this type of community collaboration, and everyone wither beginner or expert has been invited to add a piece of themselves to this art,” explained art therapist gabby peters. It is also important to mention that the ghost net used for this project has been picked up by Rangers because it posed a serious threat to wildlife and environment around the NPA. The NPAFACS is proud to be part of a project that does not only protect environment but also a very important culture and tradition.


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