Mens Health Pitstop

Although we may live in arguably one of the most beautiful and untouched parts of the world life can still be hectic and busy. However, with a population of indigenous men who have a higher percentage of serious illness such as diabetes, heart problems, and emotional wellbeing than none indigenous men,  it is very important to take the time to look after yourself and get checked by a health professional. This is why NPAFACS ‘ Chronic Illness team along with Menshed, QLD Health and NPA Health run the yearly  Pitstop program. This program allows men to stop into different health stations which assess their general health; from sugar levels to emotional well being these men are taken care of. That along with various learning stations which provided men with information on testicular cancer and drug and alcohol awareness created an atmosphere of camaraderie and acceptance for those who participate in it. “It is important that men in the community start taking more interest in their health, for they are the ones to pass on healthy living to their children. Thats why we are so happy about how this program went.” explained sue aldred (chronic illness team leader). With almost 100 men attending and about 50 who were fully assessed on may 30th,  NPAFACS is proud to see men taking an interest. “This event could very well have been a stepping stone for many men, because once their evaluations got processed they had the chance to refer themselves to a doctor if they needed or seek other help,” explained Sue. The chronic health team understands that it is important to form in men an awareness that they are not invincible, and that to keep a strong and healthy family they have to feel strong and healthy. The NPAFACS would like to thank all those who helped Coordinate the Pitstop program  and would like to extend a special thank you to those who participated.


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