If you have been walking down the main stretch of Bamaga, you couldn’t help but notices the little hands of many colours across the Ibis wall underneath the writing ” protecting children is everybody’s business.” This is a message the NPAFACS would like everyone to pay attention too. For, it ie our children who will be the future of NPA.

“As part of Child protection week we thought it would be a great idea to have the wall painted by the children of the community thereby reinforcing the words of the message written. It was also amazing to have such strong support from the communtiy,” explained Robyn Mathews (Intensive Family Support Worker). As part of Child Protection Week, NPAFACS held walk organized by the Child Wellbeing Unit the 7th of September which lead a group of almost 30 people to the Bamaga College. Once the group arrived a speech was given to almost 100 youth that outlined the importance of personal safety at home.

NPAFACS wants you to remember if you don’t feel like your home is a safe place you can always seek help, talk to another family member, friend or contact us here at the NPA Family and Community Services at (07) 4069-3555 where we can put you into contact with the appropriate person.

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