The day was beautiful as always and the faces of the children amazed as they watched the soil turn from dark sandy colour to a bright green. “Why is it doing that miss Sue?” asked a young girl crouching in front of the new garden bed behind the Bamaga day cre centre. ” It’s doing that because we are testing the soil to see what it needs in order to grow good strong healthy vegetables that will make big strong healthy kids.” Replied, Sue Aldred (Chronic Health Team Leader). This is just one of long gardening project the NPAFACS held. During the week, the children of Bamaga built their own garden bed, planted their own vegetables, set up their own compost and built a scarecrow . All of this leading to learning valuable lessons on different fruits and vegetables and how to take of and grow the greatest things that nourish us. ” It is an important program because it not only keeps kids active but but teaches them how to do it themselves. It is essential that we preserve the tradition of growing up here in the NPA because it is something the these childrens parents, grandparents and ancestors have done.” explained Sue in an interview.

The NPAFACS has plans to do this program in OSHC’ over the next months in order to promote the importance of healthy lifestyles and choices. For, NPAFACS knows that good healthy eating starts from the ground up and the first step is learning. From transplanting Paw Paw to taking a tour of the Bamaga College Garden the children were excited about being part of the project, almost as excited as taking fresh ripe custard apples fresh off the trees and splitting them amongst each other.

The NPAFACS wants to thank all those that participated in the garden program, especially the Bamaga child are staff, those that donated seeds and a special big esso to Harrison who gave an imformative tour of the wonderful garden he has created. We hope we can continuosly lend a hand in the community by making our kids active and aware.

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