Child Care Centres and Trainees with Chronis Illness

The Chronic Illness Reduction Team were invited to deliver a Health Education session to trainees at the TAFE on the 18th August. The trainees were preparing to enter the workforce so the session was aimed at promoting general wellbeing and self care. Feedback following the session was positive from the 14 students and 5 staff who found the session informative and information useable.  This session was conducted by Sue, Tasha and Roey.

Then on the 25th August Sue and Kristi delivered the same health session to the Child Care trainees who have recently joined the team at NPA FACS to work within the Child Care Centres and OSHC’s.

The program included:

Healthy eating to help overcome some of the health issues in our community

Hydration –the need for adequate intake of water/day

Relaxation, Coping with stress and why sleep is so  important

Exercise- the importance of being physically active

Personal Hygiene- Oral health, hand and skin hygiene

Social Community Connectedness

FAS – Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

The sessions went well and provided an over view on general health areas whilst promoting the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices to stay well and to getting the most out of life.


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