Foster and Kinship Care Training

On 25th – 277h of March 2013, Jodie Baird from Foster Care Queensland delivered

training to foster & kinship carers in the NPA. The 3 day training took place at The Resort Bamaga & The Family Resource Centre. The training included the following components: MOC (Matter of Concern), QCAT (Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Training) & Quality to Care (Standard).

Foster and Kinship Carers provide a crucial role for children and young people of NPA who are under Child Protection Orders (Current Court Orders).  More importantly Carers ensure the children receive the love and care they deserve and that NPA children remain in their communities – connected to their families; maintaining culture and identity.

For further information or any enquiries on becoming a foster or kinship carer please contact Francyna Mandie (Foster & Kinship Care Support Worker) on

07 4212– 2000


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