Health Promotion & Emotional Wellbeing Training Workshop

The NPA Family and Community ATSI

Services provided a Health Promotion and Emotional Wellbeing Workshop for 13 staff members over a two day period. The workshop was held on the 13th & 14th of March, 2013 at the Injinoo Healing Centre and the Family Resource Centre conference room.

The workshop was delivered by professional trainer; Fran Lester from the Australian College of Community Services, Brisbane. Fran had    previous experiences with delivering training throughout the Capes Indigenous Communities.

Staff really enjoyed participating in the training, working in groups and brainstorming.  The strategy and structure of the workshop is one based on information and awareness as a foundation for practical skills development.

The scopes of the workshops were:

Day 1

1. How is Health Promotion different to marketing

2. Defining Health Promotion

3. What is community engagement and its paramount presence

4. What is community partnership

5. Marketing is much more than a website

6. The relationships between community engagement, health promotion and        marketing?

7. What is an effective communications strategy – a foundation for targeted

stakeholder relationships

8. Marketing communications – the love child of health promotions, marketing and communications?

9. Social Marketing and social media and health promotions

Day 2

1.    Developing a health promotion strategy for the local region

1.    Developing a local stakeholder targeted Communications strategy for health promotions activities

2.    Creating a local marketing plan

3. Linking with social marketing

4. Capitalizing on social media

5. Currency and Quality through review, evaluation and continuous improvement.

6. Evaluating and reviewing your health promotion activities

7. Re-invigorating and e-inventing your health promotion programs

At the completion of the workshop each participant received workshop materials and a Certificate of Completion issued by the Australian College of Community Services.


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