Life’s Circle At the Family Wellbeing Unit

We in the Family Wellbeing Unit are using the Life Circle as an assessment tool. This interactive tool creates a fun opportunity for children to express themselves and really show us how they are feeling.

Pam Winter (PHD and Early Childhood Educator) describes the life of a young child and the growth of their brain below. Her comments describe why I feel excited about working as a child therapist here in the NPA.

For a child –

‘The first five years matter and last a lifetime

Good nutrition, health, and exercise are critical

Children are born ready to learn

The best learning happens in nurturing relationships

The brain develops through use

Children’s wellbeing is critical to brain development and learning

Children learn through being engaged and doing

Children learn from watching and copying

Children’s self control is critical for learning, responsibility and relationships

Children learn language by listening to it and using it

Children are born ready to use and learn mathematics’

If I can achieve a small part of Pamela’s views above with your kids in NPA; I’ll be satisfied.

You can call me at NPAFACS anytime to chat about your kids and any concerns you may have  @ 4212-2000 –  Ask for Tony.






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