Pearls Of Wisdom

As part of a way to help children grapple with anger and find their peaceful place the NPAFACS’ Healing Centre has been delivering a program called pearls of wisdom. During the school holidays the Healing Centre has worked with different OSHC Centres attempting to teach kids where there happy places are. ” This program is quite unique because it looks directly at what a childs safe place is. This means that we are focusing directly on where one can go if they are feeling angry or fustrated. It gives children and understanding that there are positive places they can go to in order to fell calm and relaxed,” explained, Gabby Peters ( Art Therapist). Another part of this program was to create ‘pearls of wisdom’ this means that with little paper ball of papier macher children could go paint their safe place on their pearls where they will later be hung for all to see. “This is an important part of the process beacuse not only can children explain where their safe place is but they can actualise it in art for everyone like their family and friends to see. This can create understanding between the family and their children because they can then see that maybe their childs safe place is the beach, reading, going to the park, or playing the guitar,” explained Gabby.

It is important that we all have a safe place to go to when we feel anxious angry or fustrated and that people respect our choices for doing that. that’s why the NPAFACS has been excited to be doing the pearls of wisdom program in childcare centres over the past weeks. The NPAFACS would like to thank the child care centres for their part in helping with the program and espaecially a big esso to all the young picinini that opened their hearts and minds to the program.

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