Seniors Week

22nd-26th  August

The HACC Team organised a lovely week for the over 50 Seniors during Seniors Week 2011. The public Hall at Seisia was the venue for the week and the Chronic Illness Reduction Team were lucky enough to be invited along to deliver a health education session. We joined the seniors on the Tuesday which was activity day, and saw beautiful hats take shape from coconut leaves. These were then further decorated by the oldies with help from our Gabby and the HACC team.

Sue promoted healthy snack options and with some willing helpers, made an easy, healthy bean dip which was served with spinach and herb wrap pieces. This was very well received by all attendees including the helpers.

Information relevant to the age group was distributed to the attendees. With ageing there are often other challenges with healthy eating including; loss of appetite and constipation due to a slowing down of the digestive system, lack of teeth to eat different foods and changes in energy levels to even be motivated to cook.

The Chronic Illness reduction Team thoroughly enjoyed the session which again highlighted the positive health benefits of being social, of coming together to have some fun and have a yarn.


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