Stress Management and Relaxation at the Healing Centre

“Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream” John Lennon

Relationships, family and work are all stressors which can make it difficult for us to find a spare minute to be able to take a deep breath and relax. It is easy to get caught up in the pressures of life. Over the coming months our Art Therapist Gabby will be providing opportunities for

community members to participate in group workshops with a focus on stress reduction and stress management.

Tapping into our creative resources can be a powerful tool to better manage stress. Painting, drawing and colouring can help to tell stories and help to get the stress out of our heads. Group workshops provide the opportunity for us to learn from our auntie’s, uncles, cousins, sisters and brothers,mothers, fathers, friends and the challenges they may have faced in their lives and how they overcame these challenges.


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