Program Manager - Health Services

Karyn Sam

The Clinical Health Services team is headed up by Program Manager, Karyn Sam and consists of three main teams:

  • Primary Health Care Services
  • Child & Maternal Health
  • Integrated Team Care

A total of 22 staff are employed within the team.

NPA FACS Primary Healthcare Centre - Ambamu Ukan Florence Brisbane Health Centre

NPA Family and Community Services ATSI Corporation officially opened the service in August 2015 and has continued to grow.  We operate a culturally appropriate model of care at our primary health care services.

Visiting services and specialists to our health centres include regular visits from maternal health, child health and chronic disease clinics. A paediatrician, endocrinologist and Deadly Ears make regular visits to Injinoo.

In December 2019, NPA Family and Community Services received full accreditation from AGPAL against the RACGP 5th Edition Standards for General Practice. This represents the organisation’s commitment about providing high quality, safe and effective care to our patients. 

Child and Maternal Health

The Child and Maternal program works with families with young children to provide them with access to antenatal care, information about baby care, advice and assistance with breastfeeding nutrition and parenting, immunisation and health checks for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children before starting school. 

Integrated Team Care

The ITC program is support for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders who have had chronic disease for more than six (6) months and patients can either self-refer or be referred by their GP as needing additional support. 

The ITC Team have been delivering services in the NPA and to  Badu Island, some of the services include:

Care coordination and Case Management, education regarding prevention and management of chronic illnesses.

Transport to and from appointments and for delivery of medication when the patient cannot do this for themselves.

This is just a small example of what our team can help you with, please contact the team at the Healing Centre for more information.