The Child and Maternal Health Program is a new program that commenced in April 2017 funded under the New Directions Expansion scheme.

The program works with families with young children to provide them with access to antenatal care, standard information about baby care, practical advice and assistance with breastfeeding nutrition and parenting; monitor developmental milestones, immunisation status and infections; and undertake health checks for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children before starting school. Under the agreement (MOU) with TCHHS, the staff work closely with midwives and the child health team to enable a collaborative approach and see improved patient access and outcomes. While the program has been establishing over the past 12 months, there have been good outcomes for patients.

Maternal Health


  • Developed Maternal & Child Health Brochures and distributed around the community and other services

Apu Kazil

  • Engage in grass root level in yarning and word by mouth, by doing this we are building rapport and relationship with pregnant women and partners, parents and grandparents.
  • The incentive provided to access “Pamele Owmun Session” by providing Belly Casting.
  • Increased awareness of planning healthy pregnancies.
  • Sessions provide a culturally safe environment created to enhance mutual respect and increase self-esteem and confidence.

Access to Antenatal Clinic

  • Access to service with a regular clinic in the community, previously clients had to travel up to Bamaga Hospital to attend QLD Health Antenatal Clinic.

Child Health

Child Health Clinics

  • Increase the immunisation rate of the children in the community aged 0-4 .
  • Educate and inform community about the benefits of vaccination.
  • Increase awareness of ear and hearing disease through consult and resources.
  • Child Health check are being done before the child is vaccinated.

Hearing Screening

  • Participation in hearing screening.
  • Talk to our Health Workers about the importance of hearing health during your child's consultation.
  • Increase awareness among the community and students.

Collaboration with QLD Health

Vaccination Campaigns

  • Increase awareness of Meningococcal, Mumps and incentives given at community clinics. (eg. Wrist bands and sausage sizzle at Mumps community night clinic).
  • Follow up BCG clients in the community and organise them to attend the BCG Information session at Bamaga Primary Health Centre.

Specialist Outreach Clinics

  • Maternal and Child Health Unit liaised with Deadly Ears and GP Health Service Manager to coordinate the Deadly Ears Specialist Outreach Clinic through the Injinoo GP Health Service Centre.
  • Coordinate client consults for both Umagico and Injinoo communities for the Deadly Ears Specialist Outreach Clinic.
  • Increased awareness and attendance at the clinic, including post-care follow-ups.