Permanent GPs have greatly improved reliability and patient outcomes. We have continued to provide senior locum support.

NPA Family and Community Services ATSI Corporation officially opened the service in August 2015 and has continued growing during the past year.  We have continued to implement a culturally appropriate model of care for general practice services, which has increased in patient numbers.

Primary Health Care Centre 

To support service delivery, we have continued to support staff with completing the Certificate IV in ATSI Primary Health Care Practice, with four staff having graduated the qualification and a further two are enrolled in the course. This will ensure we have adequate primary health care workers in the community to be able to deliver a broad range of clinical and population health services currently and in the future.

Over the past 12 months, we have seen an increase from 523 to 699 patients who qualify as Regular AIHW Clients as well as an increase in the episodes of care as seen in the graphs.

Reduced Medication Cost

A big focus for the team has been supporting patients with completing PIP and CTG registrations which allow for reduced medication costs when visiting places outside of the NPA. Staff have also taken over completing Patient Travel Requests for the Injinoo Community.

The MOU with TCHHS regarding the coordination of services in the NPA was finalised and signed in late 2017. This has seen an increase in services visiting the GP including regular maternal health, child health and chronic disease clinics. The endocrinologist and Deadly Ears will also begin visits to Injinoo.

In March 2017, NPA Family and Community Services received full accreditation from AGPAL against the RACGP 4th Edition Standards for General Practice. This represents the organisation’s commitment about providing high quality, safe and effective care to our patients. In addition, the accreditation ensures the service has adequate policies and procedures in place to ensure timely care and advice of patients and to support continuity of care with other service providers.

Information Technology

From the accreditation process, we also identified areas of continuous improvement in Information Technology which we are continuing to work towards. In addition, we have implemented a regular compliance audit to monitor compliance with accreditation and legislative requirements. We also incorporate national KPI data into quarterly reporting to staff and the Board of Directors to inform service delivery.

In addition, we are continuing to implement the Continuous Quality Improvement action plan for the period of 2015-2018. This CQI is incorporated into our service’s annual action plan and accreditation implementation plan to ensure alignment between our accreditation processes and service delivery.

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